The Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Society of Turkey (EkoEvo) announces a new scheme that will annually support two workshops with funds up to 4500 TL. The scheme aims to foster collaboration among groups working in the same field, and thus
to develop scientific capacity and stimulate scientific production in Turkey.


• The short-term expected outcome of the meetings should be a collaborative grant application and/or a review paper
• The workshops should be designed with the aim to evolve into long-term collaborations
• Priority will be given to groups that include EkoEvo members who have not yet collaborated
• At least three members of the application group should be EkoEvo members
• The workshops should be conducted in Turkey, and meetings to be held in smaller cities will be given priority
• No restrictions apply to group size and the length of the sessions
• The contribution of the Society must be acknowledged in the outputs
• The workshops could be supported by third-party organizations
• The scheme does not include workshops organized for educational purposes

Application and evaluation process:
• Applications will be open between September 1 – November 30, 2019
• Applications should be sent to the EkoEvo Executive Committee via e-mail
• The Executive Committee will select and invite EkoEvo members working in the same discipline and without conflict-of-interest to evaluate the applications
• Applications will be evaluated using a standard scoring system
• Decisions will be announced on December 25, 2019, and the grantees could organize the workshop any time between January 1 – December 31 2020
• The reviews will be shared with the applicants. Rejected proposals can apply again to the next collaboration call.

Application documents:

The application should be prepared in English or Turkish with 11 point font size and should not exceed three pages. The application document should include:
• The participant list and CV’s (CV’s will not be included in the 3-page limit)
• The aim of the collaboration and workshop
• Short- and long-term objectives of the workshop
• Date, location, and venue
• A budget with justification of items
• The program

Application documents should be sent to the mail address with the subject: “Application for collaboration workshop”