Our member Nihan Dilşad Dağtaş translated the climate change board game designed by Dr. Michela Leonardi from Cambridge University. Dr. Leonardi was inspired by the works about climate change and evolution from the Evolutionary Ecology research group at Cambridge, of which herself is a member as well. Game lovers who are interested in these issues and want to learn more about how animals behave in a changing climate can access all the materials needed to play as files from links below, 

in Turkish:

for other languages:

This game is played in groups of 4-5 people in an average of 30 minutes, the subjects of evolution and climate change can be taught more pleasantly; a good discussion environment can then be created by encouraging students to ask questions. The game is also ideal for playing with friends and family.
We thank our members İrem Tüfekçioğlu, Onur Doğan, and Nihan Yazgan for their feedback.