Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Symposium, Turkey – EEBST –  is organized each year by our association as an international symposium series in ecology-evolution since 2014.
The purpose of this symposium is to bring scientists who are doing research in ecology and evolutionary biology, and students who are actively studying in these areas together to facilitate interaction and communication. Furthermore, this meeting also aims to expand scientific activities in ecology and evolutionary biology and to contribute to the current knowledge in the field.

For more information, you can visit the EEBST website.

Honorary Membership is offered to invited keynote speakers who support the symposium every year. Those who accepted to be an honorary member are indicated with the star symbol (*).

Honorary Members: Those who have made and are making efforts for the development of the branches of Ecology or Evolutionary Biology, who do not carry out scientific activities or who contribute financially and morally to the association, but who cannot be a member, can become Honorary Members with the decision of the Board of Directors. Honorary members do not have the right to elect, to be elected at the General Assembly, and they are not obligated to pay fees. Unless restricted by regulations, directives, and other similar regulations, they can enjoy other rights granted to the original members.