Communication Commitee

This comission has been formed to manage public relationships such as event announcements and press releases. The comission also manages the social media accounts and web-site. Contact: iltak [at] googlegroups [nokta]

Publicity and Bulletin Committee

Publicity and Bulletin Commitee aims to share the scientific and social events of the association and its members to a wider audience. Contact: tubabucak [at] gmail [dot] com

Scholarship and Award Committee

Scholarship and Award Committee organizes events to celebrate research, thesis and publication of young researchers on the subjects of ecology and evolution. Contact: ogrenciodulu [at] googlegroups [dot] com

Gender Equality Committee

Our committee was founded in order to draw the attention of eco-evo researchers and the members of the eco-evo society to the topic of gender equality. In order to gain a better understanding, we plan to prepare questioners and send them to the members. With this, we aim to generate some statistics on the issues of gender equality, identify the troubles and later discuss reasons and solutions. Contact: tutu.bilgin [at] gmail [dot] com