Who can become a member?

Membership is open to scientists who are currently working on ecology and evolutionary biology fields, students who plan to study in these fields and also people, institutions and organisations that are directly related to these fields.
A member is to responsible for paying his/her annual membership fee and entitled to participate events of the society.

Membership benefits

Members have access to a common platform where they can discuss and collaborate with other researchers. Members could also take a part in the scientific and educational activities that are organised by the society.
Member students can participate selected symposiums, workshops freely or with discount. They also can apply to the other benefits that society provides.

How to apply?

To start application procedure, two forms are needed:

  • Membership form
  • Letter of intent that explains the reasons for the candidate’s interests in membership and her/his scientific research

Documents need to be sent to “uye[at]ekoevo.org”.

Applications will be answered with e-mail in the following 30 days. During this time, administration will check the references that are written in the application form and > will send an answer to the candidate. To be able to officially complete membership process, Candidate needs to:

Pay first-year membership fee and send the scanned version of related confirmation to “uye[at]ekoevo.org”.
Fill out the electronic form that will be sent to him/her.

After these steps are finished, the candidate will be an official member of the society. Once candidate is become an official member, they will be added to the Google group.

Membership Fee

The membership fee is fixed for all members of the society in accordance with the Turkish Law of Association. Fee is 250 TL (50 TL for students).

Bank Accounts:
The holder of the account: Ekoloji ve Evrimsel Biyoloji Derneği
Branch: Is Bankası Ankara Meşrutiyet Şubesi
TRY IBAN: TR220006400000142131067544
EUR IBAN: TR810006400000242130915448
USD IBAN: TR710006400000242130915434

Online Payment:

Please click the FonZip logo or copy the following link and paste to your browser to pay your membership fee online.